InkReckon™ is an initiative by Genisys IT Solutions to give a platform for artist and new talents who are unable to approach/find the art lovers at own.

What is the process for selling through InkReckon?

After activating your free account you can upload your paintings here. It would be checked by our curator, and exhibited on the website if found meeting our minimum quality requirements. When any painting of yours would be purchased by the art lover, we will inform you and arrange a pickup from your home. Once painting reaches our premises, we will do a quality check and forward it to the customer. After 15 days of receiving the painting at our premises, we will make payment directly to your bank account. Emails/Calls are made on every step of the process by our team.

Please note Registration, Display of Painting and Marketing activities are all free services provided by InkReckon for benefit of artists & art lovers.

You can create any number of galleries to categorized uploaded artworks, you can upload any number of artworks in your InkReckon Account. For better attraction of art lovers at your profile, do upload good quality JPG format images at 72 dpi at least. And do upload minimum 10 artworks for better result.

Do you also sell prints?

No, we only sell 100% handpainted art. So avoid uploading prints or canvas transfers of your artwork. Please only upload artpieces that are in stock. Out-of-stock artpieces are not allowed.

Who decides the price of the artwork?

It would be decided by you. There are no restrictions on prices. We only would add our commission to the art piece that would include Our Fees, Pickup & Delivery Charges from your home to us and then to customer, Applicable Taxes, Payment Gateway and COD Charges. When you upload your artwork, please only mention the price you expect in-hand when painting is sold, without adding our commission. We will add rest fee/charges ourselves.

Would you not pay me first, before I ship my painting?

No, payments will only be done after 15 days from date of receiving the painting. Please be assured about the payment. Either, we'll return your painting if not accepted by customer or we'll pay your desired price of painting if sold

Do I need to frame my painting before sending it you?

No, we prefer if you keep the painting in unframed format. Or in a format, where it can be easily removed from the frame and shipped to us on order. If you upload the paintings as framed, the cost of the painting increases a lot. Because we add 2 way courier cost above our charges. We understand many artists need to frame their art to hold local exhibitions. We suggest to do stretcher framing in this case, so that painting can be easily unpinned and removed when somebody orders the painting. Make sure you upload your painting as Rolled Canvas in this case to avoid escalation of costs.

What if customer didn't like my painting?

We have an unconditional 15-days return policy for customers. In case customer wish to return the painting, we will first recall it to our premises and check for any damage. If found okay, we will forward it back to the artist. Returns usually happens when image shared by artist is too different from the actual painting. So make sure your images and actual painting are in sync.

What kinds of paintings are accepted?

We have begun accepting all kinds of paintings put at any price. Our only criteria are that they should be 100% hand painted. Any artist violating this rule, would be removed from our artists list, and never be allowed to transact on the platform again.

How will my art be promoted?

We have over 60% online marketing share for art in India. So you can be assured that your paintings will get the due attention it deserves from serious art lovers. Your paintings are displayed to over thousands of art lovers visiting at InkReckon.Com - nationally and internationally.

After registering my artwork with, would I still be able to sell my artwork through other sales channels?

Yes, you can sell on other sales channels too. However there is just one condition - whenever a sale is made on other channels, you would have to immediately de-activate artwork from your InkReckon account. If the artist fails in doing so, and somebody orders the sold painting on InkReckon – it would leave a very bad impression about us with the art lover, and they might never return back. We might consider deactivating artists account in that case. We also urge artists to inform us if they are going on a long vacation so that we can keep their paintings invisible for that period of time.

Do I need to have an art degree to be able to sell on your platform?

No, not at all. We focus more on art than the degree.